A tour through Prague


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You know I do a longer session  /more than 3hrs/. Some sessions are 6/12hrs long but some of them are for day/days.

One of my long well-knows slave (I have known him more than 10years), the first time we met in the OWK, came to Prague to visit me – only to see me and he was willing to fly more than 8000km only of me !!! We spent 3nice days together including shottings, shooping, , visiting nice restaurants and casino. We had a lot of fun! I was in a casino for 2nd time in my life, at the beginning I did not want to play, but after a while I started to play and I have to say we spent in the casino more than 5hrs and won some money. Thank to me ! 🙂 next day we came back there lol

Unfortunatelly I almost did not take photos 😦 so I can release only these pix for the imagination how we enjoyed summer days.

From the street –

1msA lunch time, taking shrimps –

2msA snapshot from the shooting –


More than thousand pix


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.. sometimes I do not know what kind of pix I have to release from my thousand pix for pleasing your heart. It is true I have many different slaves, worshipers and some of them like hard caning, whipping – simply hard beating, some of them like to be humiliated by faceslapping or spitting, somebody like trampling and others like fetish like boots-shoes fetish.  Hmmm it is very hard to please everybody in the same moment.

For this reason I am trying to show you every week different kind of pictures and the same I do with releasing my clips.

This week you can enjoy pictures of Caning

can fb ms


ms trampling


ms spitting

and more !!!

…. or it is not enought ??!!

Pix that are released only for you


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Recently I shot new fetish pix on a roof of a hotel. If was very hot and I enjoed the shooting because after that we (me and my actor slave) shot a movie that you can see in my shop later on.

As a Woman I had prepared myself for the shooting. I wanted to look  nice and tease you a little bit. What? What did you say? I am releasing some private pix from the bathroom. You can know what nice pix you can expect in next days.


I hope you appreciate it, because I am doing it only for you !!! however I can play with my “pets” without informing you and a shooting. So what do you prefer???


Have a nice wet deam :))


Outside shooting during sunset


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Yesterday I had a nice mood and in one second I decided to go out, wear some crazy fetish outfit and shoot some pictures for my readers, right?.

I have to say I have very good feeling from the pix. It is different style than you are use to. Here are some sample –

msvenku100184It was very exciting to shoot a quick pix when a train was passing around me.

ms red outside 1For my luck (unluck?) there was a lot of people walking around me, so I had fun. Some guy shot me on his phone mobile so I wonder if he showed it to his girlfriend or what he intend to do with the pic :))

ms red outside 2Two more photos to tease you 🙂

ms red outside 2More different pix from this shooting you can enjoy in my “Outside fetish” gallery.

The WordPress State Police is shutting down more BDSM/X websites


My worshippers and slaves,
Day after day, the social Web are turning into a chastity state. The WordPress State Police is shutting down more and more BDSM/X websites and it might be the case for this one sooner or later. I’m rebuilding this blog or starting another one from scratch in my own domain. I’ll keep you posted and if not, just visit my official website Madamesarka.com to read me again.
Thank you for understanding.