My readers, worshippers and slaves…. I am posting here a report from one slave. The scene took place during our session in Prague last July. It was very nice to know and he was grateful having a meeting with me.

“This week I had vacation and decided to go to Prague, which is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and also to have a session with Madam Sarka. Since 15 years back looking at all OWK films I have always admire her and had a dream of meeting Madame Sarka, so now when going to Prague I had to do it, not to miss the opportunity. I booked a dinner date at one very nice restaurant with a following session. To say I was nervous was an understatement. It was no need for it as Madam Sarka is an extremely charming and interesting person, full of ideas and opinions a very lovely person to talk to.

After the dinner we went to her well equipped studio which lies in connection to her club she has for fetish parties. I was told to get naked and wait for her in one room while she got dressed. And when I saw her… Wow!… exactly what I had dreaming of, she had a wonderful black outfit on that showed all her curves and shape and had a very professional look. She was smiling and I was sure me being a gentleman during dinner would have soften her up a bit, but I was sure to be mistaken. I kissed her feet for a while and later on she tied me up in standing position. I really felt she was loving what she was doing, playing with me like a cat with the mouse. She whipped me on my ass changing many tools, harder for each stroke, coming in front of me smiling even more. She then tied me on the ground and stepped on me, I felt her weight, very painful but I wanted so hard to please and taking more pain for her.  Then came lesson of counting the strokes she applied on my ass and feet forward and back in Czech language, It was painful, but a very good way to learn Czech I guess.  My ass got redder but when I saw Madam Sarka again smiling, really feeling she loved it, I was lost, I really had to take more pain for her and tried even harder with the Czech counting. Then we ended the session with me giving Madam a foot and back massage, which I hope was good, from standing on heels for so long whipping a slave. Madam has the most beautiful feet and it was pure please in giving them massage.

So what can I say, I really loved the way Madam Sarka did her session, I loved every minute of it. I will go back that I know, and then to really try to please her more by taking more pain and being able to count a bit better in her language. So if you go to Prague, do look Madam Sarka up, I give her my full recommendations and you won’t regret it!