Time to resume my last post “Do not think only of you“…

Till now I’ve received some emails from my loyal slaves asking me what I currently need as gifts. Of course, there are many things but these are few stuffs I need NOW.

So my worshippers, if you really love me, if you really want to please, to prove me your loyalty and show me that you deserve my attention, you can read the items mentionned below, buy them or contribute financially. Be sure I will remember who sent me something and who just red it but not willing to pamper his Madame, his Goddess.

1. I need new hardware + RAM + Windows. My desktop PC does not work well. How it should be and if u want me to communicate with u, send donation to me for it otherwise my PC will crush and I won’t be able to update my blog, online shop, etc, for a while.

2. As I said, I’m woman and I need normal clothes : pull-over and some warm stockings, etc.

3. I need winter boots – u can buy me these ones at Amazon or contribute for other ones…  As a woman, I need at least 2 pairs of winter boots.

4. In my bedroom, I would like to have a flat TV screen, watching and chating from the bed.

Of course I can continue but these are my four basic needs. Do not fight with buyings or just contribute. Now I really wonder who will react to this and who will be silent in some dark corner.

Caution for some slaves : I’m not writing it because I’m unable to buy it alone, I”m writing because I am giving here some ideas to slaves who asked me, who want to please me and show their can better submissives… Maybe forever ? You know what ? A Mistress never forgets and always rewards a slave who pleases Her very often.

For more info, write in this blog or just email me : info@madamesarka.com.