After posting many reports here – written by slaves who had a session with me – this new slave’s report describes his feelings during an hour session.

“On my trip to Prague, i decided to make my fantasy of meeting Madame Sarka a reality. I was her online slave, and had sent her presents in the past. Icontacted Her by email and we agreed to meet in a dungeon She suggested. After paying her tribute, the day of the meeting arrived. I was very nervous but when I arrived at the dungeon, I was amazed by her sticking blue eyes and by her beautiful body and presence.

Instantly, I wanted to crawl on the ground and kiss her feet. Madame Sarka showed me the dungeon and took me to a private room to “meet” me. We spoke about my experience (I am a novice slave), and she asked me about my fantasies and fetishes. What is very important is that Madame Sarka is very understanding and takes your limits into consideration. After we agreed, Madame Sarka asked to come and to wait for her to return. As i was waiting nervously, i could hear Madame’s heels sound on the ground as they became louder and louder. As she entered the room, her eyes narrowed, and with her finger, she demanded I follow her. Like an obedient slave, I followed her to the dungeon.

Immediately, she instructed me to go on my knees and greet her like a slave. I began to kiss her divine feet and thank her for allowing me to do so.  Madame Sarka attached a leash to my collar and dragged to a chair to begin worshipping her. I was very happy and eager to worship her shoes, feet and legs, while naked on the ground. After properly worshipping one leg, I began on her second foot. All I can say is that Madame Sarka’s feet tastes like a delicious chocolate… and sucking on Her toes, it’s like sucking a lollipop.

After much of that, and her reminding of my place with the whip, I was given the honor to worship Madame Sarka’s ass. For all slaves who see her ass on the internet, nothing compares to kissing, touching and worshipping it face to face. The pictures give her no justice! After this amazing experience, Madame Sarka began to push me with the leash to different parts of her body. At one point, I was inhaling Madame Sarka’s beautiful scent from her Ass! It was a dream come true. Due to my excitement, Madame then wrapped my cock with a rope to remind me that she owned me. I was very honored with this title.

At the end of my session, I thanked Madame for a great session and will definitely be visiting her again.

Slave krm