To be honest I favor many genres, depending on my mood, if I’m sleepy, happy, sad, etc etc.

I like hard rock, pop, country and classical music. It’s a wide range and I’m not going to name each and every singer, group or song which I like or dislike. Anyway, I will mention 3 here, because I LOVE these songs and groups.

In hard rock I like Rammstein. Hmmm, I know a lot of people will be surprised to hear that. And for those who like Rammstein click here. It’s very hard, but very cheering and encouraging as well. The second one, older, is titled Sonne, a typical SM clip.

You can imagine me and and you being there. You as a hardworking slave, I LOVE THAT!!!

The second one is from Michael Bolton, which is of course a much lighter genre. I like his music very much. When I’m back on my feet again is a lovely song about life. Can you feel a shiver running down your spine? Well, I certainly do!

In classical music, I can’t forget Antonio Vivaldi or Ludwig Van Beethoven.

Are you surprised or even shocked?