It’s useful going through different websites, see the updates etc. Then one day u go to one of your favorite sites, but instead of finding the entrance page, there’s a sad but true message. U can read it here: http://www.young-goddess.com/

It’s already very hard to produce good material, good content, etc. And it’s a common practice nowadays to buy a clip and put it somewhere else for free. It is not new to anyone.

The effort it takes for producers, Madame’s etc is nowhere to be seen. I’m not wondering why they closed the site, because shooting the movies, the work, the planning, the investment, and all that to get just 30% of it all, is hard work and it certainly doesn’t make you rich.

Try think about this; if u believe in people who cheat or in people who are trying to be good.

The last group with buy clips and things on a regular basis and keep it for
themselves, knowing it will ruin someone’s business if they don’t.