Slaves, worshippers, admirers, pets, readers and the rest of you,

Christmas is approaching again. I was wondering if I should go through all the troubles of posting a Christmas wishlist together or if I should simply ignore it. I’ve finally decided to do both. This post is really for slaves who are too shy to ask me what I want, for those who are too blind to see how to contact me (email? chat?) and/or for those who need some recall about Xmas time.

Normally, that’s the time to surprise a Mistress with some nice gifts, to worship Her with few lovely presents. It’s without a doubt news to some “slaves”, they probably never realized it. It’s my pleasure for bringing it to your attention.

And I know there’s an important question on your mind right now. Because you’re wondering why I don’t write such a letter to my slaves and regular worshippers as well? You can’t figure it out, can u? Well, let me enlighten you. These slaves know me very well, they are regularly pleasing me with gifts. They know their place, they know how to worship their madame and they certainly don’t belong to the losers and timewasters who promise everything but don’t do anything. I don’t have to explain to a real slave how it works and what he should do to make me happy. So they’ve already asked me what pleases me for Christmas.

So, it’s time to step to the plate slave. It’s the moment to move away from the losers and timewasters.

I want :

Panasonic camera for shooting My personal movies in HD quality. U can send it to my address after buying it or just send me the cash needed to buy it myself.

A flat screen LED TV – I will buy it myself, just send me the cash needed.

Tablet – u can send it after buying it me or u send me the cash neeeded.

More expensive or cheaper gifts can be found here.

Some gifts are not mentionned here because they’ve already been promised to me by my regular slaves. So, pet, will u be brave and will u show me u don’t belong to that pathetic bunch of losers? Do U always want to be associated with such messy guys ? This year is coming to an end, so it’s your chance to “think different” (God blesses Steve Jobs ! LOL) and to “act different” !

Start right now !… and I promise you will a lot better about yourself. Tic tac, tic tac… Christmas is coming!!