It’s not new I am shooting many pix every month. From Monday till now, I am shooting art pix and foot fetish pix.  I have already shot about 700 pix. You will be very surprised how nice these pix are. Some of them are even awesome to me…

Anyway, it’s not a normal shooting. My photographer (and  graphic designer) is a submissive guy and I punish him for every bad picture or any graphic mistake. It’s not about a bad model, it’s about a bad photographer. Then, by punishing him, he is getting better. Can u imagine that he has already received 500 hard strokes (single tail, crop, cane)  in just 2 days ? I acknowledge it’s really a lot for a beginner… who has a good teacher.

On sunday (the last shooting day), each picture should be perfect. Because I am not only a model but a Madame too. I’m teaching it to my photographer in many ways. In this case, I have humiliated him by feeding him from my feet and I have fucked him just for my fun… and brutally took his virginity.  Just terrific ! His ass will remember this lesson for a long time and he will be leaving totally degraded.