This comment was issued by a Mistress in her interview.

She is speaking about her SM experience, what she has done, felt and what is her opinion on this overall situation. There ,she is speaking about slaves who took the session in a very serious way and about slaves who had no idea what it is all about.

She did her SM job for a while but we all knows that this “game” has a psychological impact and people are getting addicted on it. The it’s very hard to go back and “clean” your mind. Read her statement carefully and after that I will ask for your opinion.

It’s not glamorous. I don’t know a single person that I would ever suggest it to because it takes a very specific kind of person. There has to be a balance in the humors—you have to be simultaneously extremely serious but also relaxed enough not to vomit or cry or laugh, unless humiliation is on the agenda. It is extremely trying and draining and maybe I’m a bitch for it, but not many people could handle the things I’ve seen and the things I’ve done, especially not college students. There’s no going back for me and that’s scary to realize. Its not like I had a job at Hooters to look back and laugh at. This experience will be with me forever and it’s something that, in honest relationships, I have to come clean about.

OK. First question : I would like to know about your awful experience with a Mistress (during a session). Second question : are you addicted to SM games or can you go back to the “vanilla mode” again ?

Think twice and take your time before replying.