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Hello all my pets, worshipers, slaves, admirers and you all who follow my work.

Today is the 1 May and in this day usually it is very nice weater, it is warm, flowers are growing up and people have better mood. The truth is different. Maybe only in Czech republic, but I think it is simmilar in all europe. We have had only around 5 sunny, warm days. The rest since “Spring time” it has been cloudy, rainy, cold grey days. So nothing possitive for working outside, making barbique trips, etc, etc. Some people are joking and saying that all summer (those 5 sunny days) are gone and will come Outumn. The outlook is not possitive clear.

Anyway even in this non pleasant weather I desided to shoot some fetish pix outside. The new 31 pix you can see in my page (members only) and here is just little teasing sample.

1 5 2013 outside fetish


From “archive” you can see how I enjoyed whipping in a forest during sunny day last year.

1 5 2013 whipping


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