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Some slaves know that here in Czech republic we calebrate every year Birthday and Name Day. Name Day is written in calendar and it means every day somebody has his/her Name Day. Usually we celebrate this Day like Birthday. It exists in some European countries as well so they know what I am talking about.

My Name Day “Sarka” is 30 of June.

And because I am Woman, Mistress, Goddess whatever you want I of course expect some present. Here are some advise –

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… or I will be glad for fin. contribution via shop or wire transfer because I have seen many nice things/dress.

I hope many of my pets caught it :)))


I am sure that many of you do not care to please me RIGHT ??? but some of you, my loyal slaves, pets, worshipers will please me – I hope so lol.

DO it NOW! 30 of June is very SOON. I WAIT !!!!