Booking a session :

Your email should mention your full name, your age, your location, your dates, your BDSM experience, your wishes and your psychological/physical limits. Any email that doesn’t fulfill these conditions will be trashed immediately.

Caution : I do not offer sexual services. I do not participate in activities involving non-consentant parties, people under legal majority or that might cause severe or permanent physical/psychological damages. 

22 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. francesco said:

    Hi great madame,thanks a lot for the photos you put in your trip,and i am very happy you stayed well in your visit to south of italy,slave francesco

  2. Ghassan Barbar said:

    Greatings My Queen
    I am Ghassan Barbar, 28 years old, and live in Damascus, Syria, Middle East
    i belive in female superiorty and that our goal in live is pleasing Queens like you
    I adore female feet very much
    I am big fan of you since many years ago
    and wish i can contact with you and express my feelings
    you are my femdom star
    and any other mistresses are such students at your school
    hope you adress me my slave Ghassan and find me a place at your feet amoung your feet

  3. i want to invite you to my country.

    • Mdam Sarka i am andreas 30 y.o and i want to invite you to my country for holiday and sension.i come from Cyprus one very nice island.i will serve you and i can fix your trip any time you decide.i read your rules carefully,thanks.

  4. Madame sarka, I think your email account / yahoo messenger has been hacked. I am getting messages that I do not believe are from you

  5. Madame Sarka, I was in Prague from Los Angeles, in 2006. I was already a fan from your work on OWK, on the internet, so it was a thrill to have a session with you . You were everything I could hope for and it was a truly “romantic” experience ! Unforgettable ! I just came across your site and wanted to thank you again for the lifelong memory.
    If you are thinking of seeing Madame in person, you will NOT be disappointed. She is the real thing, and more beautiful in person than photos can show.

  6. stupidfatpig said:

    Hi Mistress Sarka please,
    i’m stupid loser plz
    iwould like pay please for Your Feet please
    You are Perfect


  7. paulo miguel gonçalves ornelas camacho said:

    Divine and Sublime Goddess Madame Sarka: I hope to be under YOUR Divine boots and to be under YOUR Supreme power to all my life Magnificent Goddess Madame Sarka. I also hope that i deserve the position to be entitled YOUR slave in the future Supreme Goddess Madame Sarka.

  8. paulo miguel gonçalves ornelas camacho said:

    Divine and Sublime Goddess Madame Sarka: I am so happy for YOUR excelent news for me Magnificent Goddess Madame Sarka and i don’t know how to say properly thank YOU to YOU Supreme Goddess Madame Sarka. So, i have to beg to YOU for YOUR Supreme advise to teach me how to express all my gratitude to YOU Divine and Sublime Goddess Madame Sarka. YOU are always so kind and nice to me Magnificent Goddess Madame Sarka. The least i can say is that is always so very good to be under YOUR Supreme power Supreme Goddess Madame Sarka.

  9. slave spiros said:

    Supreme Goddess Madame Sarka i am your loser slave.

  10. שלום הוד מעלתך
    אני מעריץ ועוקב אחרייך שנים . החלום שלי להיות
    שרוע לרגלייך .
    הייתי שמח להזמין אותך לישראל
    תל אביב ולשרת אותך כאן.

    כתובת המיל שלי

  11. Hi madame sarka!

    I hope you are one day visit Washington DC
    I will be the 1st one to worship your feet…

  12. Hi Mistress,
    I would like to know if you are planning to visit Dubai, I am living in Dubai and will to have session under your foot

  13. I am from tunisia i wonna be your slave plz mistress ! Tell me if you can come to tunisia ot if you invite me to be where you areunder you feet please mistress

  14. naqash khan said:

    hello mistress i am new here but i want to give my life to u i want to serve u for ever as ur slave dog plz i am on my knees like ur dog and i beg u plz become me ur slave dog

  15. Those who love and adore Your feet are not losers, they are the priviledged and lucky ones…

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